What I Hear When My Boyfriend Speaks Tech

Cloud computing. Right?

I recently told my neighbor my boyfriend works in Cyber Security. He does not.

I wasn’t lying — this is, unfortunately, how I operate: I hear a tech phrase, roll it around in my mind while wondering what it entails, then conflate it with every other tech term I’ve heard. It’s kind of like how I assume that anything within the umbrella of science entails pipetting liquids from one container to another in a basement.

Sharing a 1-bedroom apartment which is also an office with my tech industry boyfriend means I overhear a lot of terms I don’t normally use. So I started drawing my interpretations.

On Single Sign On And His Quest For Love

On Shadow IT Feeling Overshadowed

More ideas for new interpretations? Let me know!

Writing stuff, losing my keys weekly, and enjoying frozen pizza in San Francisco.

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