Another excerpt of my novel.

The crowd started drifting toward the door. The girl with the thick thighs reached down to pull on laced up shoes, forcing them over her heels and grabbing onto a friend’s shoulder for balance. Margo was arm in arm with a guy, someone Jelly…

Shorts, running shoes, Scrabble board, Golden Gate Bridge, a stack of books, and sewing supplies on a gradient background.
Illustration: Phoebe Kranefuss

The Californian’s Dilemma

I stopped mourning the version of the city I was missing out on and started settling into the one I could now embrace

The Bold ItalicThe Californian’s Dilemma

My upstairs neighbors were the first to leave…

It’s Jeff’s turn now.

Graphic by Phoebe Kranefuss (me)

Jeff didn’t remember this girl’s name. He’d sidled up behind her the night before, his hands reaching for her waist like it was the most natural thing in the world, and not — as he now looked back on it — probably a little bit creepy…

The trick to writing every day isn’t motivation — it’s setting better goals

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

In October, I decided I was going to write a novel.

I’ve always been one to put everything I have into an idea when it’s exciting and new, only to burn out once I catch wind of the next big plan. And writing a novel was no different.

At first, I was obsessed. I’d sit down and lose track of time…

Symbolic yet ultimately meaningless graphic to go along with my story

Want to catch up? Chapter 1 is here.

It was hard to respect a grown man who spoke in epithets the way Scott did.

Who believed in abbreviations, and the reputations of the schools people went to, and thought things like boarding school had any bearing on the success of a full grown adult.

When Scott lay awake at night, did he think about the same…

It’s time to step into your freedom, and it’s gonna be uncomfortable

My friends and me jumping into the ocean immediately after graduation, back in pre-pandemic times. Photo courtesy the author, Phoebe Kranefuss.

Dear New Grads:

When I graduated four years ago, I had the luxury of inner turmoil and constant listlessness that had nothing to do with record-high unemployment and a global pandemic. Plenty of people have lots of smart things to say about navigating these unprecedented circumstances, and you should learn from them. …

In which we meet Franklin and learn what it was like to be him in high school. Ouch.

A low-grade lethargy permeated every part of him. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was purely physical — Franklin was used to living in the type of bloated body that stained good t-shirts yellow after just a couple of wears. …

Phoebe Kranefuss

Writing stuff, losing my keys weekly, and enjoying frozen pizza in San Francisco.

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